Code Reviews

For my final blog, I wanted to go further into understanding the basics of code reviews in software testing and quality assurance. This article by the code project provides excellent information from passionate industry professionals. the author Paul M. Watt is the creator of the open source project Alchemy and has been a software architects… Continue reading Code Reviews


The Superior Language for Tesing

Which language is the best? The age old debate among programmers where no two people can reach a conclusion. All jokes aside, when it comes to choosing a language based on the constraints of  specific project and what is required it can be very difficult. Author, Patel Akhilkumar illustrates his experience with language selection in… Continue reading The Superior Language for Tesing

Object Oriented Knowledge Is Not Inherited

Today’s blog will feature information pertaining to Object Oriented Testing in relation to Image Based Testing. I’ve always been fond of these methods of testing, for they are not only relevant to the material in this course, but they play a huge role in maintaining code integrity in the software industry. SourceForge has always been… Continue reading Object Oriented Knowledge Is Not Inherited