Apprenticeship Patterns: Nurture Your Passion

This week I wanted to cover "Nurture Your Passion" from chapter 3. This pattern entails that you should always remember to nurture your passion for software craftsmanship. It is to be expected that once you're in the work place for an extended period of time some of the tasks you might be required to do… Continue reading Apprenticeship Patterns: Nurture Your Passion


Sprint 1 Retrospective

This sprint mainly consisted of completing setup tasks in order to begin developing. In my team, we all downloaded and installed WebStorm and then decided on how we were going to manage our GitHub directory. From there we each cloned the ng2-amrs program onto our computers, ran npm install, and then attempted to run the… Continue reading Sprint 1 Retrospective

Apprenticeship Patterns: Craft Over Art

This week I chose to cover "Craft over Art" from chapter 3. Craft over art is an essential piece to becoming an apprentice. When you are faced with a task, an opportunity to try something different and creative arises. Sometimes you have to sacrifice beautiful work in order to deliver a solid working project. Building… Continue reading Apprenticeship Patterns: Craft Over Art

Apprenticeship Patterns: Study The Classics

In this post, I will be covering the "Study The Classics" pattern from chapter six. I chose this pattern because it's title seemed interesting. This pattern is contained within the chapter that focuses on individuals who are not necessarily motivated by learning for a grade, but those who are motivated by knowledge growth. So, this… Continue reading Apprenticeship Patterns: Study The Classics

Apprenticeship Patterns Chapter 1

After reading Chapter 1, the introduction provided a good insight into the journey of starting out as an apprentice. Most often, textbooks in the computer science field tend to be too technical and overwhelming for beginners, or contain common information that has been documented hundreds of times. The author's depiction of his journey into programming,… Continue reading Apprenticeship Patterns Chapter 1