Apprenticeship Patterns: Create Feedback Loops

In this post, I will be covering the importance of the "Create Feedback Loops," pattern. This pattern highlights the significance of assessing your skills with feedback, and the more criticism you receive, the better. The book provides an excellent quote that is true about self-assessments, in that they are "only relative to the abilities you… Continue reading Apprenticeship Patterns: Create Feedback Loops

Sprint 6 Retrospective

This sprint was a combination of trivial issues and minor successes. The biggest goal that we were able to complete was tackling the add method. Since the beginning of this project, it has been giving us nothing but issues. The first time we wrote that method, it wouldn't accept JSON objects, only generic objects. Then… Continue reading Sprint 6 Retrospective

Apprenticeship Patterns: Draw Your Own Map

This week I wanted to explore the "draw your own map" pattern. This pattern caters to individuals who are in the work force, and are not satisfied with their potential career path. It is common for companies to have general career paths for specific titles. These paths are usually limited and generic, that offer little… Continue reading Apprenticeship Patterns: Draw Your Own Map

Apprenticeship Patterns: Sustainable Motivations

For this week's pattern, I decided to cover the importance of "Sustainable Motivations." The importance of this pattern shines in situations, where the harsh reality of real-world programming projects becomes overly tedious, boring, and eventually unrewarding. This can occur in situations where the workload is too ambiguous and the bureaucracy of managers and customers is… Continue reading Apprenticeship Patterns: Sustainable Motivations

Sprint 5 Retrospective

During this sprint retrospective my team spent a good amount of time testing our methods and trying to achieve positive outcomes. Unfortunately, this sprint was not as successful as we anticipated. In addition, the debugging proved very challenging and frustrating. We had a serious delay in making sure our code was valid because our tests… Continue reading Sprint 5 Retrospective

Apprenticeship Patterns: Sweep The Floor

This week, I wanted to discuss the "Sweep the Floor" pattern. This pattern pertains to being a new member on a project, and being unaware of your position on the team. Likewise, the team may also be skeptical of the apprentice. The overall goal of the apprentice is to successfully contribute, gain the team's trust,… Continue reading Apprenticeship Patterns: Sweep The Floor

Apprenticeship Patterns: Retreat into Competence

For this weeks pattern I wanted to understand and analyze "Retreat into Competence." This pattern addresses the issues of an individual feeling overwhelmed about not having enough knowledge or experience to tackle a project. In my experience in computer science, this happens almost every time I am introduced to a new project or concept. In… Continue reading Apprenticeship Patterns: Retreat into Competence

Apprenticeship Patterns: Stay in the Trenches

This week I have decided to cover the "Stay in the Trenches" pattern. While the title of this pattern seems harsh, it is actually encouraging. One day in your career as a software developer, along the journey of the software craftsmen, you will encounter promotions. These will most likely be in the form of increased… Continue reading Apprenticeship Patterns: Stay in the Trenches